Pupil Premium: what can you do before August 2014?

March 05, 2014
Rob Carter

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Mind the Gap sign on the edge of a London Underground Tube station's platformIt isn’t often that there is universal approval of a government approach to education policy. I would suggest that the introduction of pupil premium funding is one approach that has been well appreciated. It is important to recognise that the idea behind this policy is to ensure equity of opportunity, perhaps something we can all sign up to.

We all recognise that education doesn’t just happen in the classroom but is defined by what happens relating to learning in every area of the lives of young people. We need to find every opportunity to achieve their potential and by investing time, energy and funding maybe we can just do this.

Identify how pupil premium students and others can get highest quality of formative feedback from staff

Action: One tutor session / lesson a week individually to review progress and targets in work with member of teaching or support staff. In timetable and evaluated each week by Heads of Years and Senior Leaders.

Intensive support to enable students to develop skills for learning and develop structures for revision, motivation and organisation

Action: Find the time to look at learning and revision skills. Can be in enrichment, off timetable or in HT / holidays. Identify the right people to lead this work. Could include further time with external revision skills/motivation support!

Identify and pay peer tutors to support and develop progress and replace working in Sainsbury’s or cleaning. Could be allocated after school or holidays. Identify and train the right students to deliver this at KS3 & 4. You can get sixth form students to support KS3 or KS4 and the right staff to support KS4 or KS5. This also provides the best role models for younger students.

Action: Identify and train the right students to deliver this at KS3 & 4. Look at key subjects and areas for delivery according to need.

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