Think Pieces

August 15, 2013
Glyn Barritt

From time to time, our Vision 2040 members will feel moved to write in support of the Redesigning Schooling campaign and to represent their own or their teachers’ views of education, policy and practice … and what might be next on the horizon.

Mike Bettles asks:

Michael Bettles

I’d like to ask Mr Gove, what he would suggest I say to any highly intelligent student who would like to serve her country by entering politics but who suffers from the triple misfortune of being female, attending a comprehensive school and wanting to attend a University other than Oxbridge?  Read more …

Matthew Bebbington shares development of Innovation Days ..

Matt Bebbington

Wilmslow’s blog describes activities that are helping to give students autonomy, mastery and purpose to their learning. It’s early days .. but the aim is to implement this type of learning into the daily curriculum for increased choice and personal challenge.  Read more [ext] …

Jason Ashley writes:

Jason Ashley

So often I awake from my robotic driving to work, albeit through lovely Hampshire, to hear another announcement by Michael Gove on the radio. I’m not resistant to change but what I object to is not knowing about the changes.  Read more …

Jason is also the co-author of this piece on Guided Learning.

Alex Quigley quotes Dylan Wiliam:

Alex Quigley

Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better - this made a deep and lasting impression upon me as a teacher and leader. Transformative continuous professional development is perhaps too ambitious but marginal improvements will surely have a positive impact upon student outcomes. Read more …

Rob Carter goes interactive:

Rob Carter

Rob’s video think piece on YouTube explores six steps to successful leadership/headship

Coinciding with the first meeting of the Vision 2040 Group, Rob published his blog Mastering Our Destiny

Mitch Moore leads his school’s journey for improvement

Mitch Moore

Thirteen days into a new headship and your school is placed in special measures … what can you do but embark on strategies that engage children in active learning whilst exciting teachers at the same time, including the adoption of TEEP methodology. Read more …

Keven Bartle shares thoughts and his school’s best practice

Keven Bartle

Claire Lowe - talent or purposeful practice?

Claire Lowe

Do we all have the potential to tread the path to excellence? Looking at how the school’s badminton team has realised success through constant but enjoyable practice .. and whether these factors can improve academic performance too. Read more …

Stephen Tierney blogs prolifically here - selection below

Stephen Tierney

Rosanna Raimato looks at keeping the main thing, the main thing!

Rosanna Raimato Rosanna’s piece looks at how we sustain a culture of positive accountability in our schools. So starting with a moral compass of providing students with the most positive experiences on a daily basis, then evaluating what happens in our school becomes a part of daily routine.   Read more …

Rachel Hudson on a journey towards Outstanding …

Rachel Hudson

When I reflect on what drives us forward, I am reminded of our moral purpose – consideration of what is right in our context, for our students and community as we move into a future which is difficult to predict. Read more … 

Tom Sherrington blogs as HeadGuruTeacher - selection below

Tom Sherrington