Vision 2040 aims

August 09, 2013
Glyn Barritt

Vision 2040 is action-focused, grass roots group of visionary teachers and headteachers who are helping to shape the future of education and amplify the voice of the profession in policy circles.  They enjoy challenge and are prepared to take reasonable risk , implementing strategies that have been identified as being vital for effective school reform and student achievement, and often divorcing themselves from the standard policy environment to do so.

The Group is both driving the Redesigning Schooling campaign for today … and helping to shape a world class education for tomorrow … for 2040 … one that serves the dynamic needs of students of all ages and one which equips young people for a competitive, global workspace. 

How will the Group achieve will achieve its aims .. its own vision ..

Vision 2040 is a consensus building mechanism; it assumes no authority as such and will have no illusions about being fully representative; however, the Group is designed to capture a range of views and perspectives and to actively seek the views of others.

Vision 2040 aims to collect and evaluate impact assessments of what works in schooling and how it works, in order to turn the thinking behind the redesigning schooling process into practical recommendations for school leaders and educators.

Vision 2040 focuses on what works in different contexts and we recognise that there are no panaceas.

Vision 2040 also seeks to describe forms of schooling that are truly transformational and inspiring.

Vision 2040 also aspires to explore how we can support the system in determining impact – in the classroom and across networks

  • How can Vision 2040 determine/assess/demonstrate impact of recommended practice?
  • How can Vision 2040 make networking / sharing /CPD have greater impact?

Medium term aims

  • To develop and collate research, both academic and practice-based;
  • To explore the nature and significance of impact measures;
  • To involve a wide group of school leaders, practitioners and students working towards the production of further publications that articulate a coherent vision for 2040 schooling;
  • Maintain focus on things that matter and which make a difference at a fundamental level;
  • Contribute to the SSAT’s National Conference 2013 and 2014.